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The stuff that dreams are made of



Over the years, screenwriters, directors, producers, editors, documentarians, playwrights, production designers, poets, copywriters, actors, film-school students, and many others have taken the journey with Billy Marshall Stoneking into that most confronting and confounding region of the human heart - the world of character-driven, mediumistic dramatic film storytelling.

WHERE'S THE DRAMA? invites past and present participants of Stoneking's seminars, workshops and script services to make a brief comment about their experiences, so that those that have not yet had the experience may become better acquainted with the value and benefits of working with Stoneking and his unique approach to screen storytelling.

If you found your time with Stoneking useful, inspiring or catalystic, please help us by providing your testimonial concerning the value and efficacy of whatever workshops or seminars you have attended. If you have employed Stoneking as a script editor or story consultant, write a few lines about the experience. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Quotes Billy opened windows that I could not find the courage to look through, helped me understand how to tell a STORY from the heart and soul of a character instead of just plot and taught me how to strengthen my story by teaching me that that without a personal connection (tribal connection) to the character and the story, there can be no depth to the story. I learnt all of this in two one day workshops. Thank you so much Billy! You are original, innovative and Profound! God Bless! Quotes

Quotes You want to tell a story? Forget Syd Field. Ditch Robert McKee. Billy Marshall-Stoneking is the real deal. Inspiring! Provocative! Challenging! Hilarious! Billy Marshall-Stoneking managed to pack more information and technical detail about the actual craft of dramatic screenwriting into just four days than most of the respected 'how-to' tomes can do over hundreds of pages! Can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice! Bravo Billy! Quotes
Shane McNeill
writer/director - ADELAIDE

Quotes Billy is a benevolent anarchist, prodding for the drama in every scene, knowing full well if we can't write scenes, how can we expect audiences to get hooked on the whole film. Highly recommended for all industry practitioners. Quotes
Kathy Mueller
film director/writer, teacher

Quotes To say that Billy is an inspiring teacher is an understatement. Billy has the ability to take you to a place where they only speak drama. You're instantly wrapped-up in the world of screenwriting. The problem is you never want to leave. Quotes
Jenny Garth
psychologist, features writer

Quotes Life transforming! Quotes
Simon Burke
actor, writer, television presenter

Quotes Everything is illuminated, not only in relation to the drama of the screen but the drama of life. Quotes
Elizabth Warning
photographer/documentary filmmaker

Quotes A magic four days. It fixed for me many ideas and techniques that I've never been able to pinpoint before and made me more confident about my work than I've been for years. Quotes
Michael Joshua
writer, Home & Away, etc

Quotes Before I attended the workshop, I was questioning why I work in the film industry. So much of what goes on has so little to do with truthful expression. But today, after completing the workshop, I'm feeling the feeling I felt when I was nineteen and just starting out. Now I feel like I have the courage to get out of my seat, walk into the screen and play an active role in that epic film that is in me. Quotes
Rochelle Oshlack
Tangerine Films, Editor

Quotes Confronting enough to keep everyone on their toes, but compassionate and personal enough to have everyone feel safe in the process. I left with much to ponder and with renewed faith in my vocation. Thank you, thank you. Quotes
Deb Cox
creator of Seachange and East of Everything
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