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The stuff that dreams are made of



Over the years, screenwriters, directors, producers, editors, documentarians, playwrights, production designers, poets, copywriters, actors, film-school students, and many others have taken the journey with Billy Marshall Stoneking into that most confronting and confounding region of the human heart - the world of character-driven, mediumistic dramatic film storytelling.

WHERE'S THE DRAMA? invites past and present participants of Stoneking's seminars, workshops and script services to make a brief comment about their experiences, so that those that have not yet had the experience may become better acquainted with the value and benefits of working with Stoneking and his unique approach to screen storytelling.

If you found your time with Stoneking useful, inspiring or catalystic, please help us by providing your testimonial concerning the value and efficacy of whatever workshops or seminars you have attended. If you have employed Stoneking as a script editor or story consultant, write a few lines about the experience. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Quotes I often find myself telling people that Billy Marshall Stoneking is amazing. As a script editor he's made my work stronger, more truthful and more entertaining. As a mentor he's inspired me to simply embrace the creative process. He has this uncanny ability to reveal recurring themes and ideas on your pages that you didn't even know were there - until he told you! The writing process can be a kind of cruel and twisted, self-imposed-existential therapy but Billy's perspective makes you embrace the challenge. He has a depth of understanding of story across cinema, theatre, prose and poetry and an intuitive knowledge of human emotion and psychology. It reminds you what you always loved about filmmaking and inspires you to create great work. Quotes
Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Writer / Director

Quotes I have rarely spent 4 more interesting, exhausting, challenging, inspiring and exciting days. The close discussions of each scene were so informative. I was so impressed at the energy, intensity, generosity and precision with which Billy examined the structure of each scene, explored its failures, its potential, and offered advice from his wide experience, and provoked us as group memberes to engage with the work and analyse it compassionately and usefully. Quotes
Terry Whitebeach
novelist. poet & playwright

Quotes Throw out all the 'How to" books. Billy IS THE BOOK. A living book. Each day of the workshop, Billy became an ILLUMINATED PAGE throwing a searchlight onto us and onto paths we never thought possible. Quotes
Val Maudson

Quotes As a Writer/Producer I had heard of Billy. You know, you hear the stories, this guys great etc etc. But sitting down with Billy is one of those experiences where you get so much more than you have any right to expect. You get to sit and openly discuss your projects one on one with a true Master of the art. I know I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but I'm even more confident now, and, as always when with a Master there is more than one lesson within the lesson. Billy helps "you" see your story's real potential. I took 3 features to discuss - he asked the questions that made all 3 deeper, more intuitive and much, much more interesting. He can illuminate your story's possibilities. I've spent thousands, been to loads of lectures / schools / guru's - but sitting down with Billy has simply been the best screen based education I have received so far - and it took an hour or so....just amazing. Do the lunch - I implore you. Quotes
Scott Vickery

Quotes I saw Billy at a Writers Guild talk back YEARS ago when i was working at the Australian Film Commission. None so unrelentingly fierce and astute. He loves story. He loves Character. He believes in the audience. He pushes all the buttons in the right order, at the right time. AND I read his blog religiously. How could I not? Quotes
Augusta Supple
Writer / creative producer

Quotes Great consult. Weak points perfectly spotted and transformed, enriching the story with new, fresh ideas. Quotes
Mateusz Subieta

Quotes I "did lunch" with Billy today. We discussed two of my projects, one a stage play in its gestation phase and the other a completed screenplay that needs a good rethinking. It was an amazing process to free range the possibilities present in both ideas. It was a comfortable and easy chat, but also so much more. It was challenging and affirming at the same time. Billy's ability to get below the surface and trigger a much deeper exploration of both ideas was exciting. It reframed the picture for me. Quotes
James Balian

Quotes Billy Marshall Stoneking is so inspiring, he has told me everything i needed to hear as a filmmaker. Follow your dreams, people!! Quotes
Sheena Balisacan
student filmmaker, IFSS

Quotes If you are a filmmaker, actor or screenwriter then you MUST MUST MUST go and see Billy Marshall Stoneking. I have no hesitation in making this statement... "Stoneking" will teach you more in one course than you have taught yourself in a lifetime". Tickets are cheap so get in quick. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. Quotes
Matt Norman
filmmaker, writer/director "Salute" (Melbourne)

Quotes I loved "The Drama of Screenwriting" when I did it. Opened my eyes for the second time, just when I thought I knew a lot I learned a lot more. Quotes
Brian Bloome
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