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The stuff that dreams are made of



Over the years, screenwriters, directors, producers, editors, documentarians, playwrights, production designers, poets, copywriters, actors, film-school students, and many others have taken the journey with Billy Marshall Stoneking into that most confronting and confounding region of the human heart - the world of character-driven, mediumistic dramatic film storytelling.

WHERE'S THE DRAMA? invites past and present participants of Stoneking's seminars, workshops and script services to make a brief comment about their experiences, so that those that have not yet had the experience may become better acquainted with the value and benefits of working with Stoneking and his unique approach to screen storytelling.

If you found your time with Stoneking useful, inspiring or catalystic, please help us by providing your testimonial concerning the value and efficacy of whatever workshops or seminars you have attended. If you have employed Stoneking as a script editor or story consultant, write a few lines about the experience. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Quotes "Know your characters better than your best friend". These are the words Stoneking left me with at the end of each consult as I prepared to shoot a tv pilot as my graduation project at film school. When others told me the task was too big and try something easier, Stoneking said, yes, the task is big, but if you obsess over the characters, they will tell the story for you. After several consults and months of unraveling the characters, I was finally able to start writing drafts that were true to the characters and driven by them. The pilot was shot successfully and the feedback has been overwhelming. I am now preparing to take the pilot and pitch in to a network. This is largely thanks to the consultations with Billy Marshall Stoneking. The project would never have gotten in this shape without his guidance. I give him my best recommendations and hope I have the privilege of working with him again as a professional in the industry. Quotes
Kyle Tripp

Quotes I want to buy a book. The book is called 'The World's Collected Wisdom (for Writers)'. It's by Billy Marshall Stoneking. It's assembly is a work of inspired genius. Wisdom itself. It does not exist yet. This book. It does not exist. Why? We need it. And reason not the need I pray. But no. Alas. But maybe? Quotes
Duncan Thompson
ex-Head, International Film School, script editor/producer

Quotes I first encountered Billy as a writing student at AFTRS. I tried his methods, and they work. Billy isn't just interested in teaching technique, although he has technique aplenty. He's interested in getting the best out of your script, and the best out of you as a storyteller. His advice is worth every cent on any project at any stage of development. Quotes
Jason Ian Gordon

Quotes Will Martin: be able to get his characters leaping off the page, get his plot firing, unleash his writing mojo? Following a lunch with BMS where the only nourishment was food for thought, I can now say the answer to these central screenwriting questions is a loud and resounding yes! Want consultation on your script that will comfort, inspire and guide you? Go to the master. Thanks Billy. Quotes
Martin Simpson
Writer Director Producer

Quotes The most creatively challenging yet rewarding time of my career - working with Billy as my script editor - in fact I may only end up with a career in this industry because of his mind-blowing insight into the truth of the writer, the characters and the story that is trying to be told. He sees what I have written and what I'm trying to say even when I can't yet see it. He understands the complexities of the human race far beyond what many people understand of themselves. I would be doing myself a disservice to not have him come aboard the next projects after this one and quite frankly without his guidance I would feel as though I was missing a limb - despite this, be warned - only the brave will survive. Quotes
Kelly Schilling

Quotes BMS has a unique and specific ability to cut to the chase of not only the writing but the writer him/herself. Quotes
Renee Brack

Quotes I find myself quoting you practically directly when commenting on the process of development! Such is your legacy and impression on us x Quotes
Adam Bishop
Producer, former AFTRS student

Quotes I "Did Lunch" with Billy Marshall Stoneking. I arrived confused and full of doubts and left an hour later energized and full of ideas. He showed me the strengths in my story and how to unleash them. Quotes
Sonia Bible

Quotes I just reread your chapter (essay) on subtext. Throughout the reading of it, I was once again stirred to tell you that you are on to something so very valuable. I have read Mckee and all the other "mandatory" texts on screenwriting while I took my screenwriting courses. I could never give the instructors what they wanted; apparently, I had no idea how to write a narrative and I balked continuously. Now I have found your essays and I realise that here is a person who truly understands the power of cinema. Your essays are quivering with life, but to fully grasp the power of your words one has to take time to reflect, to meditate on your words. Quotes
Richard Toews
An ardent disciple

Quotes One of my films is in ACTUAL financing! Billy helped make me a writer who can sell her work x Quotes
Lou Sanz
Writer, performer
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