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The stuff that dreams are made of



Over the years, screenwriters, directors, producers, editors, documentarians, playwrights, production designers, poets, copywriters, actors, film-school students, and many others have taken the journey with Billy Marshall Stoneking into that most confronting and confounding region of the human heart - the world of character-driven, mediumistic dramatic film storytelling.

WHERE'S THE DRAMA? invites past and present participants of Stoneking's seminars, workshops and script services to make a brief comment about their experiences, so that those that have not yet had the experience may become better acquainted with the value and benefits of working with Stoneking and his unique approach to screen storytelling.

If you found your time with Stoneking useful, inspiring or catalystic, please help us by providing your testimonial concerning the value and efficacy of whatever workshops or seminars you have attended. If you have employed Stoneking as a script editor or story consultant, write a few lines about the experience. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Quotes When I was 17, I won one of (Billy's) workshops in a film competition and it changed my life. We have collaborated on every movie I have made since. Quotes
Maya Newell
Director/writer, GAYBY BABY

Quotes You don't expect a course to speak to your soul, but it just kind of changed my world. Every day was filled with revelations. I suddenly understood why I was writing and actually how to write... I feel like I have been away somewhere on an unexplainable adventure and am more excited about writing and life than I've been since I was seven years old. Quotes
Lally Katz

Quotes The energy and commitment that Billy brought to class was inspiring, and he expected the same from his students. I remember being challenged and pushed in ways that made me deeply uncomfortable. I'd spent the previous decade working hard to isolate and protect myself from the rest of the world, but here I was expected to expose my soul to a group of strangers. Billy thesis was to write what you know, to be vulnerable and bold, and to use your unique perspective to bring people into your world and tribe. I took his lessons with me, mostly unconsciously, into my standup comedy career, and years later into filmmaking. I made a web series a couple years ago that was inherently personal and tribal; it's something I'm very proud of, and I wonder how different it might've turned out had I never met Billy. Quotes
Dayne Rathbone
Stand-up comic / filmmaker, writer

Quotes Billy Marshall Stoneking is a top notch reader and script assessor. He has a unique gift and the skills necessary to guide the writer's story and vision forward. He goes above and beyond and truly cares about helping the writer realise the truth of their story. His technique of retelling the story back to the writer is excellent also, he is able to resurrect the written word to new life. Billy offers great truth and insight into dramatic storytelling and has an incredible sensibility. Quotes
Sonia Esposito

Quotes I've been cleaning my office and I just discovered some old tribal workshop notes from my days as a student at the IFSS, Rosebery. They are truly wonderful, insightful and inspiring and as I've gotten older, I've come to realise how important it is. You need to publish a book! Quotes
Paul Barakat
writer/director. film maker

Quotes Some ideas that came out of the workshop I did with Stoneking ( - what? - 12 years ago? - ) actually germinated into a script that went on to (twice!) win a place in a script development program here in Queensland. (With 'QPIX' - now extinct thanks to our local fascist-y government.) alas - still not produced. Quotes
Ged Maybury
writer / film-maker

Quotes I have been to dozens of courses, seminars, workshops and conferences over many years on various aspects of writing, and can honestly say that the Billy Marshall Stoneking workshop held in Dubbo recently was the best I have ever attended. I learnt so much about plot and character development, creating and maintaining dramatic tension, writing great dialogue, and working collaboratively with other writers. Billy himself was a terrific facilitator and teacher who is clearly extremely knowledgeable. He is also zany and eccentric, full of infectious energy and enthusiasm, and pulls no punches in helping his students become better writers. I didn't want the workshop to end. Can't wait for the next one! Quotes
Kaye Cameron

Quotes Thank you so much for the session on Friday, it really had me buzzing and inspired all weekend. - And after the last screenwriting course I did (in which the teacher opened with "If anyone hopes of getting a film up and speaks another language, best to go to that country, you won't get anything made in Australia" - way to open!) I've learnt that inspiring others isn't everyone's forte :) Quotes
Crystal Fleming

Quotes I have known Billy for several years and seen first hand his scriptwriting workshops. Highly professional, inspiring and funny. Quotes
Anthony McGann
Co-head, Screen & Media, Randwick TAFE

Quotes Film application almost done. By early tomorrow morning all will be handed in and fingers will be crossed. This one means a lot to me. I couldn't have got the script to such a special place without the amazing support of Billy Marshall Stoneking. A million thank-yous Billy! Quotes
Kelly Shilling
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