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The stuff that dreams are made of

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Shrieks of rage, whimpers of pain, blissful moans... there are plenty of vocal expressions in this twisted Korean tale of familial perversity, just no dialogue. As a father's infidelity leads to his son's all too literal emasculation, as the same actress plays both vengeful mother and wanton mistress, as the genital transplants pile up, Kim Ki-duk looks to be successfully auditioning for the role of Asian cinema's Lars von Trier. He's both giggling at the outrage he provokes and yet somehow deadly serious (isn't he?) at the hornets' nest of depraved emotions aroused.

The longer it goes on and the more hysterical it becomes, the clearer Kim's strategy to keep his actors dumb makes sense. The entire film operates at a pitch outside and beyond words. It's not Kim's first experiment along these lines (the earlier 3-Iron's central couple say nothing until the film's final scene), but the strategy feels more justified in Moebius: if your primal scream stays silent, who can tell if that rictus grin is pleasure or pain, or an infinite loop hell-bent on merging the two? We're saying nothing.

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